Marathon for Non-Public Education

The Marathon for Non-public Schools is October 1st ! This is the largest
school fundraiser and we need your help! Our goal is $50,000.

What is the Marathon and why do we do it?

The Marathon for non-public education is for our school. Every cent of every
dollar donated goes directly to funding the operations of our school and to
provide the best education for our students.

We do this to keep tuition and others costs to families as low as possible.
Many of our donations for the Marathon come from businesses in
town that have or had children at St. Anastasia school.

Students receive incentives for every $1,000 they bring in. This week they hit the $1,000 mark!  Their incentive was Wacky Hair Day which took place on Tuesday.

We appreciate you and all you do for the continued success of our school!
To get information about business sponsorships or individual donations
please contact the school:

Betty Jodzio, Principal.

Join our council
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