St. Isaac Joques Circle 5575
Columbian Squires

The Columbian Squires is the official youth organization of the Knights of Columbus. It is a leadership development program for young Catholic men, ages 10-18 years old.

There are over 25,000 Catholic young men in over 1,500 local units, called circles. St. John’s Council 4797 is proud to have a Squire Circle within our council.

More information about the Squires program can be found at the Columbian Squires website.

Membership Benefits

The Squires is designed to help young men develop as leaders who understand their catholic religion, have a strong commitment to the church and are ready to pattern their lives after the Youth Christ.

The Squires Circle must be sponsored by a council or assembly, but it is run by and for the young men who are members. Member’s of the Knights serve as counselors. They are given the opportunity to lead by running their meetings, investing in their own membership and setting the circle’s agenda and implementing their program of activities.

Squires have fun meeting new friends, treveling, playing sports and socializing. They are serious minded individuals acting together to promote vocations, defend umborn life, feed the hungry, cloth the poor and countless other activities.

How to Join

To join the Squires Circle sponsored by the St. John’s Council 4797 simply contact a member of the Squire’s circle, Chief Counselor Jeff Lehn or any member of the Knights of Columbus.

Squire Officers
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